Who We Are

Executive Committee

Dawn Kreider
Local Secretary (President)

Don Cox
Deputy Local Secretary

I studied at the Central State University for as long as I could stand, I then became self employed opening an Farmers insurance agency that has been in the Oklahoma city metro for 36 years.
Grew up in Ohio but have been an Oklahoman since I was 15. I am married to a great woman Lori. I have grown children Kelly and Logan, (Yes Logan was named after Wolverine in 1990 before it was cool.)
I am a comic nerd. I collect and restore old 1950 cars, Mid-century furniture and make a few custom Knives. I love learning, I like using my hands and I am happy when I am wrong because it means I learn something new.
I live on 40 acres with 3 horses, 4 dogs, 2 cats, a bunch of deer and a large family of raccoons.
Chance Richardson

Started Position: September 2013
Education: Bachelor's in Accounting from University of Central Oklahoma
Occupation: Oklahoma State Bank Examiner
Hobbies: Avid Sci-Fi/comic book and movie lover, technology enthusiast
Hometown: Altus, OK
Family: Wife:Laurie, Children: Chloe, age 5 ; Everly, age 1
Prior experience: Served in United States Navy as Electronics Technician 1999-2003
Joh Mann

Philip Parker
Member at large

Native American and raised in Oklahoma. Originally attended Washington University in St Louis for Graphic Design. Now living in Edmond and recently attended the University of Central Oklahoma for Finance. Former programmer. Mostly lived in the midwest, 10 years of it in Chicago and absolutely loved it. Hobbies: pizza.
TJ Lundeen

Having gone by many names, I’m most comfortable with TJ. My life has been as diverse as my names.

Born in Boston, I graduated from Northwestern (Evanston, Illinois) with liberal arts majors in English and French. With no market for amateur essayists or pontificating in French, I returned for an education degree.

The commute to suburban schools was long. I transferred to Chicago city schools. Idealism faded fast, but I did hone my survival skills. Simultaneously, I did some advertising copywriting. Moving to Ohio and then Oklahoma, I continued both professions until a student said Oklahoma connected by water with the rest of the country. Naturally, I became a boat navigator. Lesson One: a sinking stomach is not cause to call the Coast Guard. Tired of traveling, I founded a marketing agency, using the skills I’d learned as a Mensa volunteer; and wrote a novel, edited a newspaper, and served as AML’s marketing officer.

I joined Mensa on a college bet and totally enjoyed my steak dinner. Because Mensa is international, I made friends worldwide. Mensa became my second family, however, in Oklahoma. Just prior to Thanksgiving, my husband broke both legs in a horse stampede. Mensans located doctors, brought us turkey dinner, and were amazingly helpful. What an eclectic group! A physicist turned pig farmer, a priest, an auto salvage owner, several professors, an assembly-line worker. Conversation ranged widely. I even learned to diaper a baby correctly, late for my mommy needs, but perfect for learning origami.

I’ve served Mensa in whatever function was needed. Nowadays, that’s testing. Are you interested? Contact me at